In recent years, interest in a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition has grown. Everyone wants to look good and keep fit.

Often, to get the best result, you need not only to train in the gym, but also to use various types of drugs, food additives. Athletes often discuss "Before" in their circles. Let's find out what Primobolan is and what to expect from him.

Primobolan belongs to a series of anabolic steroids. Weightlifters use the steroid with pleasure. The androgenic effect of the drug is moderate. Dry muscle gains much faster under its control. Primobolan price. It is noteworthy that there are no analogues of Primobolan in the whole world.

As for the price issue, the amount of money that has to be paid depends on the form of the drug (injections / pills) and the manufacturer. In sports, they prefer injections.

The drug will always show the result, whether you are a beginner or already have experience in sports. Medicine has also found uses for the drug. Primobolan is prescribed for anemia in women, sometimes in children.

Primobolan - what's special?

Consider drug use among sports audiences. If it's so popular, it's not without reason. Primobolan is known to have been used by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He used a combination of Primobolan Methandrostenol. What they get with this:

Muscles shaped and rigid. Therefore, it is better to use the drug before a competition. And all because it does not retain fat and water in the body.

Methanolone enanthate has no effect on the body's testosterone production. In order not to lose the already achieved result, it is necessary to take it in minimal doses between one course and another.

Muscle gain is nearly ninety percent of normal.

The mammary gland does not increase, it is not replaced by adipose tissue.

Primobolan is not hepatotoxic. Therefore, its use will not harm the liver and its cells in any way. There are cases when Primobolan was prescribed in the complex therapy for the treatment of liver cirrhosis, due to its ability to maintain normal protein levels.

The oral forms are in the bloodstream for about twenty hours, but if you use Primobolan by injection, the substance stays in the bloodstream for up to seven days.

It helps to keep the already existing result in weight, since the increase of additional kilograms on it is insignificant.

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